Spiritual bondage

The state of being bound. The person who is steeped in sin is spiritually bound. He is unable to take flight. He is bound to matter or material things and is unable to take flight into the spiritual realm when the time comes for his transition.

Sin is the major cause of spiritual bondage. This ties threads that link us to those whom we sin against and so on. These threads keeps down and ties down. It is impossible to escape until one has lived off all the threads. To have a sinful nature means to live in perpetual spiritual bondage. To free oneself from sin is to free oneself from spiritual bondage.

To free oneself requires that we know the Laws of Creation and abide by these Laws. It is only though lawful activity that we can be free from sin and consequently from spiritual bondage.

Spiritual bondage means the loss of one's free will. We become slaves to our propensities which leads us in one sinful direction or the other until we finally perish because we will be unable to free ourselves from matter on time when the time comes for the latter to undergo disintegration.

Spiritual knowledge is therefore what we need to free ourselves. It shows us exactly what we have to do to free ourselves. We should see to it that we seek after this knowledge and free ourselves in time.




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